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Manage with the Weekpad

Harness the week work, while daily checking tasks as done

Full view of the work week

Get the full view of the week, including weekends if wanted, to manage the daily focus while keeping an eye to incoming milestones.

Focus and filter

Select a single project in detail or have a broader, high level view of the whole week by reducing the noise of repeating tasks.

Easily switch between weeks

Change the week back and forth, to check upcoming events and task repetitions in upcoming weeks in the month.

Agenda and TODO

The Agenda of the day

Get an overview of the tasks for any day, plus those tasks and todos with no assigned time to work on them.

Ongoing tasks

View the main events of the week

Hide ongoing tasks and repetitions to get a cleaner view of the week, or show them all to get the full detail of any project.

only weekdays or weekends

Enhance the workweek

Choose to display only the workdays or the full week including week ends.

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