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Organize from the Monthpad

Command the month, with a high-level view of next weeks

A TaskQuark Monthpad screenshot

Overview of the month

Have the full view of the milestones and events in the month, filtering by project or group of projects to focus in and out.

Add details when needed

Watch only the main task events for all projects, but add ongoing tasks at will for a project complete view.

Easily switch between months

Change the current month back and forth, to check milestones and events upcoming months.

High level month

The whole month plan

Have the whole month, high-level view of the tasks events and milestones.

Ongoing tasks

Daily details when needed

Get an unclutterd view of the month with only milestons and task events, or show daily task repetitions for a the full detail of any project.

weekdays or weekends too

Focus on the working days

Choose to display only the working days of the month or include the full weeks with weekends.