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Organize, manage and track your multiple professional and personal projects

The tool for professionals, business owners and freelancers
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Professional or personal

Command your daily workflow, regardless of the professional or personal projects involved. Select the projects for all or just a certain role.

Flexible time scales

Organize your tasks in multiple projects using daily, weekly or monthly taskpads. Select different time scales to focus on, for short or long term planning.

Confidential and protected

Keep save your professional and personal data in secure servers. Prevent your information from being collected for targeted ads or sold to others.


Get your daily Agenda and ToDo List ready for you

Have your daily Agenda prepared for you, along your ToDo list. Take a glance at what’s coming next, on just one project or all of them, while keeping an eye on the overdue tasks, using the Todopad.

TaskQuark Todopad
TaskQuark Weekpad screenshot


Manage the tasks dates and milestones for the week

Get a view of the ongoing tasks for the week. Monitor and manage when these tasks start, end or are due in the week, using the Weekpad.


Stay on top of the milestones and important events in the month

Watch your most important milestones and events for the tasks in the month, without the noise of the daily ongoing tasks, using the Monthpad.

TaskQuark Monthpad screenshot
TaskQuark Workpad screenshot


Track the progress of the tasks in any project

Track the progress of your tasks, selecting the preferred level of detail you want to manage. Filter by one specific project or subproject or get all the tasks for a certain role, using the Workpad.

Get your work plan prepared

Get your agenda for the day automatically updated for you. Organize and set time for the tasks and work to be done with the Agenda and the ToDo list.

Track your progress

Work on the planned tasks for the day or the rest of the week. Deal with incoming tasks and issues while keeping an eye on your multiple projects.

Review and organize

Review the work done and plan for next days events and milestones. Save notes of some lessons learned and update tomorrow’s plan.

Start commanding your day…

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