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Get your daily Agenda and ToDo List ready in one single place

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Quickly add new tasks

Quickly capture new items into the default project in your todo list or agenda. Organize and classify them later.

Focus and filter

Select a single project or have a broad view of the whole day. Filter by text in any project to find tasks.

Easily switch the day

Change the day back and forth, to check tomorrow todo list. Keep an eye on overdue tasks from past days.


Get the Agenda for the day

Get automatically your daily agenda, from all the tasks of all projects, ordered by time.

Use the date navigator to preview tomorrow’s agenda, or any other date if needed.

Filter by a specific projects or group of projects


Automatic ToDo list

Get the present list of tasks to do, ongoing or planned, that you can tackle today.


A daily remainder of overdue tasks

Keep an eye on the lists of tasks with past due dates, or targeted for a previous day, so nothing gets forgotten with more incoming work.

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