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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most asked questions.


You can read the documentation at https://docs.taskquark.com to get more detailed info about the functionality of the application.

Also, do not hesitate to contact info@taskquark.com for getting the support you may need with any issue not covered in these FAQ.

Send your feedback and suggestions to info@taskquark.com, and help improve TaskQuark.

TaskQuark supports the latest versions of the most common web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.
If you are using an older web browser, the interface could appear broken or the functionality not work properly.
A workaround for these issues is to install another web browser, in addition to the one you use regularly, and use this second web browser for TaskQuark.

The application does not support incognito or private mode browsing, for security reasons.

TaskQuark is a responsive web application and the interface is automatically adjusted to small screens.
However, the interface is designed for desktop use, to take full advantage of wide screens, and not all functionality may be available on mobile devices.

There is no native Android or iOS application available yet.

Subscriptions & Payments

There are no free plans for TaskQuark. You can get a Basic subscription, when available, for a very cheap price to test if TaskQuark is the right tool for you.

However, on very special occasions, TaskQuark can offer discounts on the regular prices. Check the pricing page to discover these offers.

Monthly subscriptions are only available for Professional and Business accounts.

You can get 2 months free with a 12 month subscription which is a 16.67% discount.

Occasionally, special offers can result in a greater discount. Check the pricing page to discover these offers.

You can cancel your subscription at any time on the Profile page. The remaining balance, based on the time left in your subscription, will be credited to you.

You can cancel your current subscription and get a new one, upgrading or downgrading at will. The credited balance, if any, from your previous subscription wil be applied to the new one.